Cocos Autos Car Rentals

Cocos (Keeling) Islands, a tiny horseshoe shaped jewel of the Indian Ocean is located 2750km north-west of Perth and 900km west south-west of Christmas Island.  

Cocos Autos is your locally owned and operated car hire company, and we are here to make your stay as easy and relaxed as possible.
We offer visitors to Cocos (Keeling) Islands an extensive and diverse range of vehicles.  

Baby seats and booster seats are also available at no extra charge!

When hiring a vehicle from Cocos Autos, you can depend on a professionally maintained and clean vehicle for your comfort and safety.  We will arrange for your hire car to be at the airport on your arrival, or your choice of accommodation.

Receive a FREE and unique Cocos Autos stubby holder when you hire one of our vehicles!

Enjoy everything that West Island has to offer in a clean and air-conditioned vehicle.

Please contact Cocos Autos for further information and bookings:

Phone: 08 9162 7661
Fax: 08 9162 7662